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Ready For War!

When the universe was just beginning a kingdom came to flourish across it and at the helm was the beautiful queen Savitri and the princess Danica. No one and nothing questioned them. People who came to visit found wonders from every culture: The beautiful crystalline statues of the Nova 210 system, the glamorous silks from the Cat's Eye system, the fanciful Aetos birds from the Eagle planet, the metal work from the Tucanae Nebula, and much more.

No one figured darkness could creep into the lavish world that inhabited the cosmos, but creep it did and from the most unlikely of place.... Chaos had started to encroach on the light that surrounded the royalty, turning the princess's heart toward jealousy and thoughts to want revenge on the two warriors her mother had created to police the kingdom.

When she finally broke from her mother's side, Danica who became ULAS - Queen of the Cosmos drew those of like mind to her and created an army of her own to war against her mother. Soon 1006 and 1054, the warriors that Queen Savitri created, needed help and sent out a call to others and soon the Alliance was created.

Now tensions rise as ULAS wants the throne and will stop at nothing to get it. The Alliance must answer the call and stand up against the growing threat.

Are you ready to protect your home world from darkness and disaster?

Are you ready to put your life on the line so that the light may remain?

Are you ready for death?


Founder of Nova Fury
Co-founder of the Black Hole Fury

:bulletpurple: Commander Nova 1006
:bulletblue: Smithy Tucanae Toucanna
:bulletred: Black Hole ULAS J1120-0641
Greetings, my darlings. I am The Creator and Destroyer. I do hope that you are having a pleasant time so far. If you have any questions about creating or destroying your warrior, please send me a note and we can get things figured out. I do hope that you have fun while you are here. Remember, my dears, create...and destroy.

Talk to me about Black Holes and Novae!!

Founder of Nebula Fury
Co-founder of the Black Hole Fury

:bulletpurple: Commander Nova 1054
:bulletblue: Crab Nebula
:bulletred: Black Hole GRS 1915+105
:bulletred: Black Hole V4641 Sagittarii
I'm happy to have you all here at LA. I hope you enjoy yourselves. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me, I'll do all that I can to answer them so that you understand. I want everyone to have fun here. I'm the keeper of the Soul Orbs, if you'd like to have one just note me. They are 5 to 10 points depending on the level of difficulty and which section you belong to -- and if you want any extra flare within reason.

Talk to me about Nebulae!

Chat Moderator and Co-Admin
Tech Support

:bulletpurple: Cygnus Loop
:bulletblue: Veil Nebula
:bulletblue: Carina Nebula



Countdown to Till Episode 7 Ends

Saturday, June 17th @ 10:00pm

Prepare yourself!

Tie breaker! Vote quickly! 

5 deviants said Toucanna (left) LA Ep 6 More Power Pt 1 by MagicalCrystalWings
4 deviants said Tora Luminary Alliance: Thor's Helmet Redesign by Nemesis12
No deviants said Nova (Right) LA Ep 6 More Power Pt 1 by MagicalCrystalWings

Episode 7: The Storm

Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace

The sky darkens ever so quickly, and for the first time, snow hit the land. The temperature drops drastically, causing the warriors to fall to their knees from the unusual weather that had befallen the kingdom. The winds begin to howl like a great and powerful wolf, sending chills through those throughout the land.

You wonder what is causing this horrid change until you spot Sagittari V charging through the skies like lightning on her chariot! She pulls back an arrow, shooting it towards the palace with a wicked smile on her face. Quickly the arrows multiply and take out a good number of the guards protecting the palace!

Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace

Capture Sagittari V before she causes too much damage!
You do both the art piece and the written piece. You submit them together as one, the written part in the artist's comments. Take your time and if you need help the chat is always open for you, if no one is in it them contact myself, Lady-Shade or our chat moderator, Brettdagirl 

- DATES ::April 2nd – June 4th
- JUDGING :: :iconmagicalcrystalwings:
- JUDGING DATES :: June 5th- June 10th


Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace

1. (5 pt) Dynamic use of posing and angle of drawing.
2. (5 pt) Incorporation of theme to image. Adherence to the round content.
3. (5 pt) Coloring and drawing growth from last round.
4. (5 pt) Emotion conveyance. I feel (or I perceive the feeling of) what the Sister is conveying in the image.

(20 pt total)
Write in first person or close third person.
 -- First Person = How was I to get ready for battle? I had just got to the palace and now this.
 -- Close Third Person = 1054 walked to her room and shut the door, trying to keep the darkness at bay. Yes, her blood boiled for battle and war but the woman in her wanted to stay here, safe and warm.
The minimum for the written piece should be 3 paragraphs of your best writing. If it doesn't sound right to you, it won't to us, so use spell check, grammar check, punctuation check and anything else to make sure that you did a good job. The maximum should be no more than 1,500 words. That is about 3 pages, single spaced, give or take. But the above applies: Do you best.

Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace

- PRIZES :: 

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